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Master's Message

Henry L. Palmer Lodge #301 Free & Accepted Masons Wauwatosa, WI

Thursday, January 17, 2008

January was a busy month...

Brethren, greetings from the East


It has been an interesting first month as Master.  With the holidays behind us, we can now start focusing on the remainder of the year with great anticipation.


We are starting to get busy with our degrees as well as planning some of our other functions.  In January we initiated a new Entered Apprentice and passed two other Fellowcrafts.  The two Entered Apprentices we initiated in December, as well as the one in January, are making terrific progress on their posting.  It looks like we will be doing a few more Fellowcrafts in February; in fact, we have tentatively scheduled February 29 for these degrees.  In addition, the two Fellowcrafts we passed in January will likely make short work of their posting, and we will be doing Master Mason degrees in the near future.


On Friday, January 25th. District Lecturer Frank Mayer attended our meeting.  He did an excellent job putting us through our paces as we rehearsed rod work, floor work and the Master Mason degree as part of the annual School of Instruction.  I would like to thank everyone who attended; our newer officers will benefit from this experience.


We will be having our first new event in March: “Trivia Night with  XXXXX!”  Brothers John and Lee Wackman are still putting the finishing touches on the event;  it promises to be very exciting.  They haven’t disclosed who XXXXX is yet.  Further details will be available soon.


Finally, communication is an important part of being successful in any endeavor.  Because each of us are busy, it can be difficult to communicate due to our individual schedules and commitments.  Advances in communication technology, such as E-mail and cellular phones, have helped to make it easier to communicate.  At the same time this technology has raised the costs of traditional communications such as postal mail, etc.  With the rising costs of postage, we are investigating communicating our Templegram via our web site and E-mail.  As part of our investigation, in the coming months we will survey each of our members for their preferred method of receiving the Templegram.  When you receive this request, please complete the survey and return it as quickly as possible.


Brethren, thanks for an excellent month; I am looking forward to many more.  Until next time, let us part upon the square, and remember to use the level and plumb in all our dealings throughout society.


Fraternally yours,

Pat Cholka, W.M.