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Master's Message

Henry L. Palmer Lodge #301 Free & Accepted Masons Wauwatosa, WI

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February Message

Brethren and Friends of Palmer,

January has certainly come in with a flourish for Palmer Lodge, and somewhat hectic right out of the gate for all of us getting accustomed to our new roles. The Master Mason degree for brother Dale Van Dyke went really well, and a hardy thanks for all those who made the raising of our newest Master Mason a memorable experience for him. A special thanks is in order for District Lecture Frank Mayer and the members of the Scottish Rite Degree Team who are always there to lend a hand.

Not resting on our laurels, we also have another MM degree scheduled for February 4th and an FC degree scheduled for March 4th. With all of this work in the offing, an invitation is especially extended to Palmer Masons who have haven’t visited their Lodge in awhile. Witnessing the degree work is not only an excellent refresher course, but also enhances the candidate’s degree experience with the opportunity to meet more of our members.

The H.L. Palmer Masonic Angel Fund will be finishing it’s second full year in March and still growing and reaching out to help needy children. To date, our Angel Fund has touched the lives of almost three thousand children with no end in site. Brother Lee Wackman is foraging ahead by planning a number of fundraisers this year in his continued effort to expand the program’s capabilities. Circle February 26th on your calendar as the date of yet another of our very popular “Team Trivia Night” fundraisers. This event has gathered a following, and is thoroughly enjoyed by those wanting to test their knowledge in the competition, or those just wanting to sit back and partake in the fun.

In closing this message there is something I would like to share. Some time ago I received a wooden plaque of a generic nature. I don’t recall from where or whom it came, but I placed it on my bookshelf where, on numerous occasions, I find myself drawn to the words inscribed on it:


To wear the SQUARE and act upon it in all his daily deeds; to meet all men upon the LEVEL and judge them in accordance with the COMPASS of Truth and CHARITY: to be loyal to his ORDER and ever MASTER himself. To travel ever EASTWARD from the feeble LIGHT of an ENTERED APPRENTICE toward the glorious LIGHT of WISDOM; and finally, to be prepared for the final PASSWORD giving entrance to the presence of THE GRAND MASTER OF THE SUPREME ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE.

No, I don’t know the name of the author, but I’ll leave you with his words and perhaps you may find some enjoyment in them too.


John F. Wackman, WM