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Master's Message

Henry L. Palmer Lodge #301 Free & Accepted Masons Wauwatosa, WI

Sunday, June 01, 2014

June's Communication

Greetings Brethren & Ladies of Palmer!

The days of summer are nigh! This is the time we take from our duties and sharpen the chisel before progressing on. We all have different ways to make a clean edge: some of us will camp, fish, play or work in other endeavors; many of us will travel both literally and spiritually. We have received several petitions and will be having some degrees this summer. We have several EAs scheduled for June one possibly on the 13th and we will again need the assistance of our lodge members. As we discuss June our scholarship dinner is on the 1st please come out and congratulate the recipients and share in the dinner. The Grand Lodge Annual Communication begins on the 6th and your Elected Officers will again be in attendance representing Henry L. Palmer lodge as best as we can. Remember our last stated meeting before the summer is on the 27th at 7:00 pm. Due to degree work we will not be going dark this summer but have lodge on July 25th and August 29th (there will be no Templegram through the summer months). And do not forget our Northwest Masonic Center picnic on June 29th starting roughly about 11:00 am.

As spring nears an end we revisited our annual Spaghetti Dinner which went great as usual. We have had to postpone our Ladies at the Table dinner due to a scheduling conflict so mark your calendars for Friday September 12th. And if anyone were to look into my garden spring is also the time of new discoveries and adventures bounded by old traditions: as well as in our lodge.

As we move forward we most always keep present that idea of sincerity which we so solemnly pledged our oaths with. Too often we forego that sincere part in our everyday lives whether it be that rhetorical “Hi, how are you?” or the handshake we provide out of necessity instead of brotherly affection. In our everyday lives we give “lip service” to all kinds of exchanges without thinking about the perceptions or ramifications. However we do have this opportunity every time we speak to someone or shake their hand. We have at that moment to impress the tenets of freemasonry most sincerely and solemnly, with friendship, morality and brotherly affection. So instead of giving lip service to the ritualistic “Hi, how are you?” ask with sincere and vivid interest as to how people are doing, take an interest in their hopes and ideas, dreams and concerns, take their hand in a gesture of sincere warmth and demonstrate the tenets of freemasonry in your everyday lives -- save the ritualistic behaviors for our degree nights.

In Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty

Khristian E. Kay, WM