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Master's Message

Henry L. Palmer Lodge #301 Free & Accepted Masons Wauwatosa, WI

Monday, March 01, 2010

March Message

Greetings Brethren & Ladies of Palmer!

True to form March will come in like a lion. February saw us passing another Fellowcraft and welcoming back our brother Jimmy Ollie, a Fellowcraft of this lodge, who has returned safely to us from his tour in Iraq. I invite all brethren to come to our stated meeting to welcome brother Ollie: Welcome home brother! With all of these Fellowcrafts we need to get to work and raise some brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason. We have a great core of officers but we still need help with the degree work and fortunately we have a school of instruction coming up this month on the 11th. Currently I am unsure if our host, Lake lodge, will be ready to resume work in their temple so please check the calendar on our web page http://www.henrylpalmer301.org for updates.

As you know our Masonic Angle Fund charity is doing well and our first Team Trivia Night of the year was held to great success and fun. Thank you to all who attended and I hope you had as much fun as those of us hosting it did. Our next Masonic Angel Fundraiser will be Oscar Night on March 7th at Tutto’s downtown Milwaukee. See the fliers on our web page http://www.angelfund.henrylpalmer301.org and about the lodge. This will be an elegant evening filled with camaraderie, fun, and curious anticipation. March 12th will be Wisconsin Lodge #13’s annual Ross Table Lodge please contact Brother Jason Braatz at Wisconsin 13 for more information. We are also planning a shrimp boil for the 27th. This is a new event and so we are expecting great things to come from it, we will post updated information of our website concerning this event.

As we go about our daily duties it is incumbent upon us to remember what those qualities are that make us Masons: especially in these difficult economic times. One of the tenets of our profession stresses charity. We all took an oath to help out others as far as their necessity may require and our ability permits and without material injury to ourselves or family. And while we are doing much charitable work we must also remember our families which include our extended Masonic families. Henry L. Palmer lodge has promoted education through scholarships to assist others in becoming better individuals. One of these scholarships which we support is for the International Order of Job’s Daughter and the time has come where we need to supply funds to support this endeavor. In the past our lodge has provided $5,000 in funds for this scholarship which is presented over a 10 year period. It is time now to refill these coffers. I believe that if every lodge member were to provide some relief without material injury to themselves we could easily replenish this necessary and worthy cause. Unlike other worthy causes that we encounter everyday this scholarship goes to our fraternal daughters here in Wisconsin and therefore we know how the funds will be used. So as March roars in I challenge all brethren to send a check of $50 or more to support this worthy scholarship fund. And if $50 deems too injurious then send whatever you are able to.

As March traditionally leaves us lamblike in its spring and rebirth repose let us remember the designs laid out on our sacred Trestleboard: “You are the light of the world.” I prevail upon you to let your light shine bright, be the beacon for others to orient upon - as the saying goes: “Lighthouses do not ring bells or fire cannon to call attention to their shining; they just shine on.” I encourage you to hold the square to your own breast and be able to exclaim ‘This is true work. This is square work. Such as is wanted for the building.’

Shine on.

In Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty

Khristian E. Kay, WM