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Master's Message

Henry L. Palmer Lodge #301 Free & Accepted Masons Wauwatosa, WI

Monday, February 01, 2010

February's Message

Welcome Brethren!

January was a busy month and yet it seems like we have not even gotten started yet. We ushered in the New Year with our traditional New Year’s Morning Reception which was very well attended. I think perhaps it had to do with the cooks for this year: our new officers did an exceptional job in preparing and serving the breakfast. A good time was indeed had by all. January also saw the passing of two Entered Apprentices into Fellowcrafts; this was the first degree of the season and once again the ritual was completed in grand style by your new officers. Of course we are always open to outside help and so once again we need to send our heartfelt thanks to Frank Mayer for helping out on some of our lectures. As our core officers grow in their duties it is also incumbent upon our existing members to come down to the lodge and make sure we are meeting your expectations. With that we have a couple of Master Mason degrees coming up tentatively in March and I request the presence of all our standing members who can make it to come down and assist us. We have some openings for grumbling craftsmen and we sure could use your insight!

February is turning out to be just as busy also. Henry L. Palmer lodge will be hosting the District 12 Winter Meeting on Saturday February 20th and we are also hosting the School of Instruction on the 26th. Remember brethren all are welcome to these meetings and as they are educational I encourage you to come down and see what is going on. Due to our hosting of the School of Instruction our regular stated meeting will be moved from the 26th to the 19th of February. February 27th also brings back to our building the semi-quarterly Masonic Angel Fund Trivia Night. This is a great evening of brotherhood and friendly competition with monies going to our worthy cause. Test your wits and share in a story or joke with laughs and good eats.
Perhaps my favorite passage of all time is the “St. Crispian’s Day Speech” from Shakespeare’s Henry the 5th:

This story shall the good man teach his son…
From this day to the ending of the World,
But we in it shall be remembered;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers:

There is a magic in the word “welcome” that makes forget the word “stranger” and causes us to remember that we are brothers banded together for the good of humanity by a special tie. One who has heard the word “welcome” can never again be counted a stranger. Welcome is the keystone of hospitality. It connotes open doors, friendly greetings, sincere handclasps and solid footing. All of this I extend to you and bid you welcome brother.

In Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty

Khristian E. Kay, WM