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Master's Message

Henry L. Palmer Lodge #301 Free & Accepted Masons Wauwatosa, WI

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December's Missive


I am humbled by your confidence in my abilities to be master of our lodge for this year. The task before me is quite daunting as the maintaining and building of our temple has been fraught with the hands of many a worthy master much more accomplished than myself. My hope is that we can continue with the exemplar work that has preceded us. With that in mind I will be calling on our Past Masters and lodge members frequently to help me with planning degrees and the other lodge functions. We have always had great success with our Spaghetti Dinner and now our Chili Dinner competition and trivia nights are becoming that of legend.

As the saying goes ‘any endeavor worth doing is worth doing well.’ This year we will participate in the Grand Lodge’s degree competition, and the word on the street is that we may be the lodge setting the bar. We have several degrees coming up: four F.C. degrees with a couple of M.M. candidates still out there. We are also expecting more petitions in the near future. We are planning some inter-lodge activities as well as to go traveling.

I look forward to working with each of you to uphold those traditions of our Lodge that have been established over the last 99 years, and to make some new ones for those who follow. Remember the installation of your new officers is the 12th of December beginning with a meet and greet at 6pm with the installation at 7 pm. January 1st we have our customary lodge breakfast: this year prepared and served by your newly elected officers.

2010 is an exciting time for us, not only as masons but as brothers dwelling under the same planetary roof. I am excited about this year and am very confident in the line of officers.

In wisdom, strength and beauty

Khristian E. Kay