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Master's Message

Henry L. Palmer Lodge #301 Free & Accepted Masons Wauwatosa, WI

Friday, January 01, 2010

January's New Year Message


I hope the New Year has found you well. We stand unique in our time as we end one decade and begin another. We stand upon the threshold of a New Year laden with high hopes for the dominance of that spirit of morality and fraternalism. Never before in our history has there been as great a need for the loyalty to the tenets of our profession. History has yet to give this era a title but we are experiencing the worst economic times even beyond the Great Depression. Remember brothers the humility and resolve you felt lo so long ago when standing in the East divested of all value save your own conscience. Let us go forward into the coming year with these high resolves: To live loyally, to show kindness, to be charitable. Words are not enough we need to put into practice our sacred obligation and help others wherever there is need of aid, comfort, relief; let us put forth a little more effort in spreading the gospel of cheer; let us waste less time and money on personal pleasures while there is so much constructive work to be done; let us be more willing to share with others those precious things of life which we have considered our personal heritage.

As we enter this New Year may the teachings of our Order have greater significance than ever before. Our work within the Masonic Angel Fund has a strong foundation but there is much hewing still to be done: (we have our monthly bingo event at the Elk's Lodge on Tuesday the 12th) . We have work in our lodge foundation as we bring some of our EAs into further light; (remember our Fellow Craft degrees on January 15th) and remember to support those young ladies who are always ready to assist us at Bethel 2's Installation on Saturday the 16th. Our lodge is polishing up its work and expanding as well: the lodge website is updated with our calendar of events so you may have ease at finding out what is happening here, plus we have added a photo gallery which displays all those great fellowship events we have undertaken. If you have not yet done so check out our website at http://www.henrylpalmer301.org. We will also be traveling in many ways this year as we combine our work with other lodges in hopes of promoting a deeper fellowship among all Masons. Keep your sights on the East and may the morning star light your way.

Grant that we shall all kindlier be
Speak less in blame and more in praise,
And by the conduct of our lives
Make this a year of happy days.

In wisdom, strength and beauty
Khristian E. Kay, WM